About The artist

"I am in love with the natural world. Every answer is right there, within it. It tells us stories about source, love and perfection. The natural world grounds us and teaches us with her beauty about lasting joy and who we truly are. I will never tire of interpreting her perfect shapes, colors and moods." 

-Anna Ayres

Art by Anna Ayres originates from Vermont, where Ayres was born and raised, surrounded by the four seasons of the natural world. In winter, the Ayres family skated by lantern on iced-over cornfields. A dammed waterfall in the woods transformed into a cool swimming oasis in summer. The four seasons of the rural VT landscape are full of undeniable magic that ignited Ayres's creativity as a child and continues to influence it today.

Ayres began painting while at the University of Vermont where she minored in Studio Art and had the good fortune to take an acrylic painting course. After graduation, she spent her spare time travelling to the western United States, Europe, Costa Rica and Mexico. Each return to VT inspired Ayres to continue exploring her artistic inclination. Mostly self-taught, she picked up a fondness for oil painting along the way and now enjoys the fluidity of watercolor.

Ayres is an early snowbird, dividing her time between St Petersburg, Florida and Vermont. In the summer months, you can find her setting up at the Burlington City Arts Artist Market every Saturday from 9-2:30 pm and in the winter months catch her at St Pete's Indie Art Market and other local venues. Her work is updated on this website regularly as well as Facebook, Instagram & Etsy. To stay in the loop and catch special offers, sign up for the Art by Anna Ayres email newsletter.

Art is love. May it surround us all!